News for January 2012 launched

So, I have had two websites running concurrently for the better part of a year. My old website, which can still be found here: has not been updated in a very, very long time.

Well, I finally had some time to myself, and what better way, then to bring my new website to the forefront, and out of the closet. All I had to do was modify the .htaccess file to perform some re-directs, which made my subdomain ‘elan’ my base. You can view the new website by either clicking my ‘PORTFOLIO’ to the right, or here.

My new website is very bright and clean which is the complete oposite of my old site which was dark and gloomy. I also wanted to try a new technique for a portfolio site, namely, no navigation and ultra modern and minimal. (more on my navigation theory in a later post) You will notice that it is just a scrolling list of thumbnails, and rolling over and clicking, a lightbox appears indicating what my role on that specific project was.

I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do, there is still some work to be done and I plan on making it 100% HTML5, as well as adding microdata, and re-writing alot of the jQuery and JavaScript for a leaner cleaner and faster website.
Let me know your thoughts!

Posted: January 12th, 2012
Categories: Design
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